Our Team

Meet our team. With decades of combined experience, the Volvo Trucks Academy team is here to help you reach your learning and development goals. If you've got questions, we’ve got answers. Reach out to us at to learn more. You can also check out what we're up to on the Volvo Trucks Academy newsfeed.

Steven Parkins

Vice President, Competence Development

I am honored to lead this award-winning team who creates and delivers training and development solutions that advance the cross-functional performance of our distribution channel in delivering a world-class customer purchasing and ownership experience.

Scott Behe

Senior Manager, Training Operations

I oversee an amazing team of operational experts that make sure we take care of our dealer network and fleet customers in the best way. My responsibilities include communications, audio / visual production, competitions, finances and budgets, Navigator and Navigator support, emerging technologies, and facility operations. I serve on various global and VGNA groups that help with strategy and planning for current and future success in different areas of operations.

Erin Lesley

Manager, Training Technologies

I provide technical and functional support to the day-to-day and ongoing operation, maintenance, analysis, and administration of learning management technologies used by Volvo Trucks Academy.

Mary Dee

Training Content and Events Manager

I manage our training content lifecycle and development guide content. Both of these duties include translation to Canadian French and Latin American Spanish and ensuring our content is always current, relevant, and engaging. I collaborate with Matt Matilainen on communication activities and support the team as a whole with competitions and other events when needed.

Heather Moore

Budget and Planning Manager

I handle the purchase orders, invoices, and class billing within Volvo Trucks Academy. I assist Wesley Burleson with the competitions as needed with travel, transportation, hotels, etc.

Wesley Burleson

Virtual Training and Event Planning Manager

I create digital training for Volvo Trucks Academy that includes filming, editing, directing, producing, as well as photography, and graphic design, depending on the project. We also frequently live stream video sessions through Academy Live. When I don't have a camera in hand, I manage various competitions across both brands for training and recognition of dealer professionals.

Amanda Jones

LMS Support Analyst

I provide Navigator support for the Volvo Trucks Academy team as well as dealer and customer training support for Volvo Trucks dealers and customers.

Matt Matilainen

Training Communications and LMS Support Specialist

I provide dealer and fleet user support, review and approve LMS content prior to publishing, and post dealer communication on Trucks Dealer Portal. I am also responsible for producing content for the department public websites and executing Academy Live and Road Choice Live events.

Tyletha Hubbard

Senior Manager, Aftermarket Training

I am the leader of the aftermarket team, responsible for driving the learning and performance strategy for dealer parts, service, and warranty. We ensure that those functions have the training they need to be successful. My team consists of Jack Benedict, Learning Program Manager, and two Aftermarket Training Managers, Liz Smith and Silvia Gabalda.

Liz Smith

Aftermarket Training Manager

I am a dealer training facilitator for aftermarket. This includes parts, service (not technical), as well as warranty.

Silvia Gabalda

Aftermarket Training Manager

I am a dealer training facilitator for aftermarket. This includes parts, service (not technical), as well as warranty.

Jack Benedict

Learning Program Manager

I am responsible for the performance solutions we provide to the parts, warranty, and service functions within our dealer network. In this collaborative role, I work with internal and dealer stakeholders, as well as the development group, to ensure an efficient, consistent learning offering that supports both dealer and OEM business goals.

Larry Miller

Senior Manager, Technical Training

I manage all of the Technical Training Team across North America to support our dealer network and customers. My team works closely with project teams for the development of quality training and delivers it to our technicians to increase uptime and support our products. I also manage the Academy’s DATE and TES programs which provide fresh, talented, technicians to our dealerships. My team is also heavily involved in the VISTA competitions.

Beau Thomas

Technical Learning Program Manager

I use my years of experience in the field to develop and provide technical training for today’s dealer and fleet technicians. I have seen this industry evolve immensely from yesterday’s old technology to tomorrow’s trucks, that were once thought of as impossible. As a Learning Program Manager, I am part of a great team that brings the “impossible” to life in the form of world-class training.

James Mayes

Learning Program Manager, New Technologies

As the Learning Program Manager for New Technologies at Volvo Trucks Academy, I bring a comprehensive background in technical training and industry experience with diesel engines to the table. Paired with a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of new technologies, I am committed to designing and implementing learning programs that empower individuals to excel in this rapidly advancing field. Let’s collaborate to drive innovation and equip our customers with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the world of Volvo Trucks!

Amanda Clarida

Senior Manager, Learning Design and Development

I manage the team that is responsible for creating and building training solutions to support the dealership audience for sales and aftermarket. Our deliverables include elearnings, videos, instructor-led class materials, virtual class materials, job aids, etc. My role is to ensure that my team has all the tools they need to complete their tasks.

Shaquel Frazier

Learning Program Design Manager

My job includes designing and developing/building engaging learning for our dealer audiences to enhance job performance and retention. I work closely with subject matter experts and our internal team to gather content and ensure that we create optimal learning experiences.

Zana Abdullai

Learning Program Design Manager

My job is to create engaging learning activities and compelling course content that enhances adult learning retention. I work closely with subject matter experts to develop activities that enhance the learning process. This includes creating supporting material and media, such as audio, video, simulations, role plays, and games. Creating learning experiences is a true passion for me. I enjoy designing, developing, and learning new things along the way.

Wytina McKinnie

Learning Program Design Manager

I am responsible for working with subject matter experts to develop training for sales and leasing employees for Volvo Trucks Academy. Images, interactives, videos, and simulations are used to create a more engaging experience. Each training contains a participant guide, facilitators guide, and interactive videos to assist learners as they explore the various aspects of trucks.

Juan Torres

Senior Manager, Trucks and Solutions Sales

I have the privilege to work with a brilliant team of people that works close with our dealer network and company strategies to provide the best-in-class truck sales and system training solutions in cooperation with our development team.

Deitra Dobbins

Sales Systems and Solutions Training Manager

I am responsible for facilitating Volvo sales systems training along with all applications that make up the sales ordering process and solutions to the dealer network throughout North America and Canada.

Jordan Hunsicker

Senior Trucks Product Training Manager

I support sales training as a product SME, reviewing content and delivering product specific training. I am also a technical resource for the dealer network as they work through their trainings.

Antoinette McMillan

Volvo Trucks and Services Sales Training Manager

I am responsible for empowering our Volvo dealers with the tools for selling success, through instructor-led trainings. My role involves focusing on new Volvo sales representatives, Volvo used truck sales representatives, and VNRe certification in Canada and the North American Markets.

Haley Sage

Learning Program Manager, Volvo Trucks Sales

I am responsible for our Volvo Trucks sales training offering. My role interfaces with our business stakeholders, internal field sales team, dealer network, and Academy development team to ensure that our training solutions effectively meet the business and dealer needs.

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