What’s changing in the technical training development plan?

As of January 8, 2024, Volvo Trucks Academy will offer a revised and enhanced technical training development plan structure.

Why is the technical training development plan changing?

How is the technical training development plan changing?

The current structure includes a professional level and four master levels:

The new structure adds an expert layer that aligns with Impact function groups:

The master level now includes:

Technicians who complete all content within the professional, expert, and master levels will earn elite master certification.

Who is affected by this change, and how?

What else should I know?

All instructor-led courses have the option of a test-out

Certification at each level is valid for three years. Courses added to any level during that time must be completed to maintain certification.

Volvo Trucks Academy understands it will take time to adapt to this change. We are committed to supporting this change effort by clearly and regularly communicating information relevant to the new structure via the development guide, Trucks Dealer Portal (TDP), and other appropriate channels.

Instructor-led training will be scheduled beginning in early January 2024 and regularly thereafter to support demand. Please refer to the development guide for more information.


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