Updates to the Volvo Electronics Master Segment

Updates to the Volvo Electronics Master Segment

As of 1/31/2022, 501242: Volvo Electrical Diagnostics is now part of the Volvo Electronics master segment. This course provides service technicians with practical, hands-on activities analyzing and diagnosing various component and system failures within the context of probable diagnostic scenarios.

The Electronics master segment now includes the following content:

  1. 501402: Volvo Information Systems (events and tests) *NOW IN PROFESSIONAL AND MASTER*
  2. 501403: Volvo Electrical Troubleshooting (events and tests)
  3. 980124: CAN Bus System Fundamentals
  4. 501242: Volvo Electrical Diagnostics (event and tests) *NEW*
  5. 501405: Volvo Data Links Diagnostics Training Program *UPDATED*
  6. 501977: Volvo Electronics ProPath Master Segment Comprehensive Exam

Technicians who are currently enrolled the Electronics master segment must successfully complete all course requirements to achieve master status.

This change does not affect individuals who have already achieved Electronics master status.

To register for these courses you must be enrolled in the Electronics master segment and meet prerequisite requirements.

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