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EV500716-01: Volvo VNR Battery Electric Sales Process

Volvo VNR Battery Electric Sales Process

Registration in EV curricula and participation in EV training is strictly limited to individuals who have completed all prerequisites.

The Volvo VNR Battery Electric Sales Process is an instructor-led, four-day course designed to prepare experienced diesel truck sales professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to sell the full solution in support of VNR electric trucks. The course focuses on how selling the electric trucks solution differs from selling diesel trucks and is not intended to teach basic sales skills. Participants learn about the changes that are spurring customers to buy EVs, the “right” applications and routes for electric trucks, potential incentives available for customers, how to connect customers with expertise on charging solutions, how Uptime Services and the Gold Contract protect a customer’s investment, and how to prospect for customers that are well-suited to EVs. This course is highly interactive, with activities and role-play throughout. By the end of the workshop, each participant has built a sales plan for a real-world EV customer. 

Course type: In-person

Cost: See Navigator

Training days: 3

Test-out: No


500505: Getting to Know the Regional Haul Customer

500667: VNR Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Safety Training Basics

500668: VNR Electric Introduction

500669: VNR Electric Product

500712: Volvo Gold Contract

500713: VNR Electric Walkaround

500714: VNR Electromobility Charging Infrastructure

500715: VNR Electric Total Cost of Ownership

501791: Volvo New Vehicle Sales Professional

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