TransEdge Truck Centers Cracks the Top Ten at VISTA World Championship 2022

TransEdge Truck Centers Cracks the Top Ten at VISTA World Championship 2022

Volvo VISTA 2022 came to a close as team Kiired Insenerid of Estonia was crowned champion and teams Titan of Denmark and SWISSTA from Switzerland earned second and third place respectively. Yet 2022 was also the year North America teams generated impressive results.

The largest global aftermarket competition in the world, Volvo VISTA 2022 began with over 16,000 individual participants comprising 4000 teams from 106 countries. During the debut of digital semifinals in June the field of 192 teams was reduced to 42 finalist teams. In September the Volvo World Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden hosted the finalist event and organized tours of the city and visits to truck and engine factories and the Volvo museum. Team members also participated in vehicle “ride and drive” events and enjoyed camaraderie with peers from around the world (the team from Ukraine was unable to attend).

The two-day competition was held at the Volvo Training and Experience Center and featured six stations which presented the teams with a variety of diesel and electric vehicle diagnostic and repair scenarios. Each station challenged the competitors to use problem-solving and technical skills using hands-on and virtual reality (VR) methods.

TransEdge Truck Centers team The Edgers (Allentown, PA) earned a first-ever top ten finish in a VISTA competition. This talented team included Sean Simak, Brian Romig, Jr., Brett Simmons, and Curtis Stettler and was accompanied by dealer guests Richard Doney and Kirsten Dwyer. A top ten finish is always impressive, but for a North American team it is especially remarkable because the competition features European vehicles which differ significantly from those the team members work on in their shops.  

The other two North American teams finished in the top 30. The Orlando, FL Prevost Bus team comprised of  members Matthew Morrison, John Langford, Stephen Baclasky, and Jose Hernandez Juarez, along with dealer representatives Michael Fitch and Christian Gagnon, finished in 26th place. Chris Dunn, Jason Whiteside, Randall Wiebe, Dmitry Charny, dealer guest Chris Ingram, and district service manager Ryan Kirkland, from Beaver Truck Centre in Winnipeg, Canada, earned a 28th place finish. 

 Volvo VISTA returns in 2024.

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